Santa Watch

A Very Scarsdale Christmas Giveaway

Scarsdale Publishing is celebrating this Christmas with a special day of storytelling and giveaways as Santa makes his trek around the world. On Christmas Eve, from 9 AM EST to 8 PM EST, we will release short holiday stories from our authors every hour on the hour!

With each story released on Medium, we will give away a special prize to one lucky reader! That means there are twelve opportunities to win a free book* from Scarsdale Publishing!

Throughout Christmas Eve, Scarsdale Twitter and Instagram will post the links to the holiday stories as they publish each hour. If you follow our accounts, read the story, and comment on any social media post, you will be entered to win the giveaway!

To participate in the Christmas Eve Santa Watch giveaway, check out the rules below.

Giveaway Rules
1. Follow Scarsdale Publishing on Twitter @scarsdalepub or Instagram @scarsdalepublishing.

2. Read the stories as they are released on Christmas Eve.

3. Enter yourself in the raffle here.

The giveaway will end at midnight EST, so keep tuned to our social media channels!

The Twelve Authors of Santa Watch
Meet the Scarsdale authors who are sharing their holiday tales for Santa Watch!

Jen Haeger
Summer Hanford
Louisa Cornell
E.A. Comiskey
Gemma Evans
Mandy Michelle
Abigail Edwards
CJ McCay
MJ Miller
Megan Lee Hewell
Michelle Morrison
Tarah Scott

*The prize will be an e-book or audiobook from Scarsdale Publishing.

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Imagination has no limits.

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Scarsdale Publishing

Scarsdale Publishing

Imagination has no limits.

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