Christmas Lights

Mandy Michelle

When I think of Christmas, I think of family. And food. Lots of food. But mostly family.

My parents, sister, and I are all close and do almost everything together. One of my favorite traditions has always been our family light tour. The four of us, and sometimes the dog, pile into the car and drive around the city for hours to ooh and aah at Christmas lights. We never really have a plan; we just pick up hot chocolate and drive.

In Canada, by Christmas Eve, we only have eight hours of daylight and the sun sets at about 4:30PM. So, there is always plenty of time to enjoy a good old-fashioned light show.

One year, as we drove around town, my dad commented that it was odd there was no one else on the road. Usually, there is the last-minute holiday bustle. People are rushing to the mall for one last gift, or driving to church, or popping over to see relatives and friends. We usually had company on the roads.

But this night was still. It was almost magical. We were alone together, driving through the starlit darkness, festive lights lining the streets, glowing strings and garlands hung over doors and wrapped around trees.

And then we realized it was past midnight. The time had gotten away from us.

Everyone else was home, snug in their beds, milk, and cookies set out for Santa, fireplaces crackling, anticipating the morning to come.

Everyone but my family.

I know Christmas this year might look a little different for a lot of people, but I know my family will keep up our tradition of driving around at all hours, looking for lights and the magic of Christmas.

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About Mandy Michelle

Mandy Michelle is a contemporary romance writer who lives in the gorgeous open prairies and big blue skies of Southern Alberta, Canada, only a short drive from the mountains which she is certain is heaven on earth.

When she’s not writing, she is walking her Welsh Terrier, Gromit, or taking endless photos of him for Instagram. She also enjoys woodcarving, baking, reading, hiking, and biking.

She holds her BA and MA in History and has been a member of her local writing club for close to seven years. Mandy also studied with Winghill Writing School and has successfully completed National Novel Writing Month for the last four years.

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Imagination has no limits.

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Imagination has no limits.

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